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DiVA - Academic Archive Online Texto Integral

Tipo:   Repositórios
Descrição:   DiVA, the Academic Archive Online (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet in Swedish) is a collaborative effort of a number of universities in Scandinavia which offers both publishing services and technical solutions for local repositories. The DiVA system, developed and maintained at the Electronic Publishing Centre at Uppsala University, Sweden, supports workflows for both electronic publishing and printing. Through DiVA, fulltext documents from the participating universities are published and archived – hence the name Academic Archive On-line. Today the archive contains mainly doctoral and undergraduate theses and research reports, but DiVA also supports the deposit of preprints and postprints of scientific articles. Monographs and chapters can also be published.
Editor:   Uppsala University Library
Criador:   DiVA
Assuntos:   ResourceType: Thesis