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MetaPress Texto Integral

Tipo:   Revistas Científicas
Descrição:   A MetaPress Journals Online disponibiliza o acesso ao texto integral electrónico de centenas de periódicos, tanto profissionais como académicos.
Língua:   ENGLISH
Editor:   EBSCO
Sugestões:   Last, F? Author searches only finds author names in the format F. Last.

ISSN queries must be formed in the format xxxx-xxxx. They retrieve journals and not articles.

ISBN queries must be formed in the format xxx-x-xxx-xxxxx-x or

Year searches are done in All Fields.

All keywords in the second search field are searched using the selected Boolean operator (Not necessarily AND).

Subject searches are done in the item's abstract.
Assuntos:   ResourceType: eJournal: agregator